C.A.K.E Candles


Our aromatic candles are crafted from 100% vegan, organic soy wax and the highest quality essential oils.   These are not your usual candles, they are highly scented and specially formulated to fill any room with the perfect level of scent without overwhelming the senses. Discover our four signature scents designed to mix and match or to curate the ideal gift that spreads joy and light.  And like all of our products, these too are anointed with prayer and come in our signature gift box with a customized gift card.

Compassion: bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, and cedar 

Appreciation:  basil, sage and mint

Kindness:  lemon, lavender, marine, verbena, eucalyptus, musk

Encouragement:  orchids with warm earthy perfume and a subtle smokey accent 



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