Our vision is deeply rooted in our faith, yet we acknowledge that the God we serve is much bigger than we can comprehend or fully define. That’s why we make room for all faiths that believe in the power of prayer and embrace the sharing of C.A.K.E (Compassion, Appreciation, Kindness and Encouragement). We put cake in a box, but we would never try to put God in one.

In these times of unprecedented polarization, we have a bold vision – a world where we share C.A.K.E and not hate. We dream of a world where the principles of C.A.K.E. guide interactions, where we choose to uplift each other and nurture connections, and build bridges of understanding instead of walls of division. We believe this C.A.K.E (Compassion, Appreciation, Kindness and Encouragement) is the recipe for a better world. We hope you will join us on this “sweet” journey.

Julie Welborn, Founder & Chief Steward Officer

Dr. Julie Welborn is an anointed woman of God who has a unique gift for creating environments where healing and restoration can take place. She currently serves as Associate Pastor at LaSalle Street Church in Chicago.

Julie was former owner of Perfect Peace Cafe & Bakery, the original provider of delicious pound cakes for C.A.K.E And A Prayer. Julie’s unwavering dedication to praying over her cakes and for her customers, inspired the founding of the company. She continues to bake delicious treats and receives rave reviews for her sweet creations. Julie’s heart for God and her commitment to serving others make her a true asset to any team she is a part of.

Kim Corley, Founder & Chief Steward Officer

Kim originally founded C.A.K.E And A Prayer in 2008, with a desire to provide a tangible manifestation of the words “I’m praying for you”. Kim grew the company to over 2,000 customers, 98% of whom said it was the most unique gift they’ve ever sent or received. The company was shuttered in 2011 after her husband’s job took them to DC. During that time, she received a continuous outpouring of requests to relaunch, and now feels divinely led to listen to God calling her back.

Since 2011, Kim has continued to refine her strategy, product, technology and business skills through her work as an executive at Deloitte and Capital One. This has prepared her for this new season and the relaunch of C.A.K.E And A Prayer.